Story line

Once upon a time…

Long story “short”

Perfection was created by JogWe back in Vanilla on server Stormscale. We achieved nothing too fancy in the start, we kept up with the pve and were around 5th-10th of the better guilds on the server. Another guild named Nocturnal decided to join forces with us in the early stage of BWL and creating an even bigger and stronger guild. We were 5-6 bosses behind for example Curse, Nilbog. But after an certain fix on Vael some didn’t even make it past that point. 😉 After the merge we ended up becoming the best (pve-)guild on the server at the time.

Here follows some early screenshoots from the newly created Perfection…

Free transfer opened up from Stormscale to the new realm called Twisting Nether. And Aviendha had a great sentence for it, “The grass is greener on the other side”, we decided to take the free transfer to Twisting Nether. On the same day we also raided MC, BWL, Outdoors cleared it all, then we moved over to Twisting Nether and started all over with the clearing of the content once again on the same day, it were an intense but LOADS of fun day of raiding.

The transfer to Twisting Nether was somewhat a great choice and also a bit not so good. People which have been around and know certain stuff of the vanilla era it had no Cross-realm activity nor Battlegroup. It were purely every server for them self. You did announce your first kills over the forum threads instead of having WoWprogress-tracking your progression. It were really the Mouth to Mouth community back then. Today the server itself is barely worth anything. You transfer back and fourth, you raid cross-realm and you don’t remember anyone on the battlegrounds you join. You see Red, and as we know it, “Red equals dead“.

So back to Twisting and what happened… Perfection were surely the first serious raiding guild which decided to move. Followed by few others; Heartless (Horde), Night-Watchers (Alliance), Souls of Eternity (Alliance). Other then us, there were not too many that followed, we got some random people which decided to move along, but jezz… It were really an low-pop server. It didn’t kill our PVE and raiding, but we lost few people but with the level we were at regarding PVE it wasn’t to hard to take people on the server neither transfers. After 3 weeks on the new realm, we finally got our kill on Nefarian (2005-10-19) and now the farming began…

… Gates of Ahn’Qiraj, World Event …

At this time we’re doing our thing on Twisting Nether. Before AQ I’ll clear a few things out before going forward regarding our wonderful realm TN. 0ur thing which were kinda the only thing we could do, PVE. As PVP on Twisting Nether were Non-existing. I believe this were around the time when they started to create Realm POP sites, there were a few numbers showing Horde ~50 vs 1 Alliance or around that. Too bad our attempt to bring More people with the Free transfer failed. I did attempt and did everything I could to get in touch with people. I created IRC-channels where I could have a talk with most of the bigger guilds back then from the realms which had the possibility to move to Twisting Nether on a free transfer. Sadly it ended up with a couple of random people trying to find their luck, when it comes to guild we just ended up with 4-5 “already doing raiding” going over to TN out from 20-30 guilds I had some talk with. But we had too little time on our hands to decide, or should I say convince people this would help everyone. 🙂

So, back to THE WORLD EVENT. I have to say, if Blizzard would suggest this as a “key for an raiding content” in the current environment I would laugh. For realm one of the if not the most Hardcore stuff the came up with and it’s probably were only doable back then. Today they would be able to put it out there without getting too much shit for this MADNESS. Looking back at it 10 years later I loved it. We had lots of fun, would I EVER do it again? No. As today I’m too casual,  whom has a life and I have other priorities.

What am I talking about? The opening of Ahn’Qiraj wasn’t just an event that spawn and you had to see an cinematic as it would be today. 🙂 If you ever played one of the Asia games from NC-soft (example; Lineage , Aion , even Wildstar I bet is like it even if I haven’t played it!), where you have to grind 3-4 hours to achieve 1 level and you have a great group doing it within that! That’s what you had to do but for a week or maybe it were 2?  You as Horde and Alliance had an equal size of the list on both side to Help this expedition into Ahn’Qiraj, also an list which both had to help out doing (remember this). The list looked like this:

Both factions need to gather:
90000 x [Copper Bar] (1 Signet)
26000 x [Purple Lotus] (7 Signets)
80000 x [Thick Leather] (7 Signets)
17000 x [Spotted Yellowtail] (7 Signets)
400000 x [Runecloth Bandage] (10 Signets)

The Alliance :
28000 x [Iron Bar] (5 Signets)
24000 x [Thorium Bar] (10 Signets)
20000 x [Arthas’ Tears] (10 Signets)
33000 x [Stranglekelp] (3 Signets)
180000 x [Light Leather] (1 Signet)
110000 x [Medium Leather] (3 Signets)
20000 x [Roast Raptor] (5 Signets)
14000 x [Rainbow Fin Albacore] (3 Signets)
800000 x [Linen Bandage] (1 Signet)
600000 x [Silk Bandage] (5 Signets)

The Horde :
22000 x [Tin Bar] (3 Signets)
18000 x [Mithril Bar] (7 Signets)
96000 x [Peacebloom] (1 Signet)
19000 x [Firebloom] (5 Signets)
60000 x [Heavy Leather] (5 Signets)
60000 x [Rugged Leather] (10 Signets)
10000 x [Lean Wolf Steak] (1 Signets)
10000 x [Baked Salmon] (10 Signets)
250000 x [Wool Bandage] (3 Signets)
250000 x [Mageweave Bandage] (7 Signets)

Do we have other people that would love to see this brought back to the game? I believe we do. Also I believe Blizzard could do it IF they manage to do it in a manner as people would believe in. % based on how many active players each realm has. Also it should give something for everyone that provide something.

Even tho we had this massive list of items to gather. It was one of the funniest and weirdest time in WoW. We ran Fishing raids, we coordinated GROUPs all from 3-5 people that did separated parts in this list. We often ran 3-4 mages with one priest to farm Silk Bandage and a long with the silk farm in SM they also received some Wool, Wolf meat (which became Lean Wolf Steak), some leather and some herbs. Myself did a lot of fishing. Salmon all the way together with some other. Not sure how many hours we spent every day but probably 5-10 hours just fishing  along with small talk with some other guildies, were very few of the other guilds that were on the same level as us and didn’t provide as much as we did. Not to brag but I believe we did 70-80% of the Horde Gathering in total, if not even more. Honestly, even if we did our part on Horde side… We had to help the Alliance side as well, good thing we had The Nightwatchers on our realm which were one of the more serious raiding guilds back then (Yes, I know there was another but it wasn’t as great as they were back on Stormscale at this point, Souls of Eternity). Good thing we already had this into consideration (that’s why we had a mage party doing SM from “start”). Silk and other mats were traded over in Gadgetzan, sold for 1 copper per stack. There wasn’t any addon back then to deal with your auctions, it were a hell to deal with.

We managed to gather all of those mats perhaps a week or two after the Top servers, don’t believe Blizzard where too fair when it came to how this were done. Just think about it… What do you think Method, Paragon or any other top guild would do / say if they got delayed 1 week compared to another top Challenger because of Blizzard. Anyhow, we kept on our progress it were steady and good. We didn’t have any Boss mods which worked and we had to deal with a normal Clock on the side of the computer and count down each time the blink happened on Twins for example, we also didn’t run a warlock tank so it were a big issue for us. 🙂


…more to come.