11 / 13, “only” two to go.

I’m not the best to keep the posts coming. But it’s not like we’re having a major storm arriving each day on our website. What can be said, the topic says itself whats been achieved. We killed Xhul two days ago and we’re very happy regarding that! We been having a few class issues, a few problems regarding the tactic as almost none knew any of the ability’s how they worked and so on : )

We started to open up for recruiting more now for the final bosses as we lost a few people and who knows, probably a few more will drop off before Archimonde bite the dust. 🙂 We prefer not to gear people from scratch, if you don’t have certain gear to just get into the heat with the rest. Then do not bother. We also take into consideration your current and previous experience. If you have any interesting World Ranks from previous expansions. It’s always a positive thing. That probably proves us that you are ready for the intense wiping we’ll get for the upcoming bosses. 🙂 You can take in information somewhat fast. By looking up by yourself and listening to what we tell people what’s happening on the fly and understanding basic mechanics.

Currently looking for a couple of DPS. Please use our form to make it easy for us to see the basic information. Feel free to add whatever information in the text window to make us understand easier Who you are.


Thanks and good luck!