12/13, it’s soon done!

Hey hey,

so one week after Mannoroth died, we’re back into FARM MODE. But be cool, it’s just one week then we’re back in extending and pushing till Archimonde bite the dust once again (last time in TBC). We’ll see if we will do the last boss in between something. But don’t think so, almost nothing that could improve our gear now.

By the look of it, it will take some time to deal with this. Our group is small, and that’s why we’re also trying to recruit as many as possible with gear enough to deal with Archimonde Mythic right away. So if you have what it takes, fill the form and let us take a look on you! More or less only looking for DPS classes, if you’re a healer or tank… we could perhaps consider you for next expansion, but not now really. We have strong healers, we have strong tanks. Just our DPS that could be improved. 🙂

With that said, time to head to bed and have some lovely dreams before Archimonde comes to the dream and make it into a Nightmare…