Bye Warlords of Draenor

Our final raid is completed. We’re done with this expansion now and looking forward for the release of Legion. We’re for sure more prepared compared to how it were before Warlords, this time we actually have 2 tanks going into the first expansion and raid. We have group for sure big enough to make all different choices for the upcoming content. I won’t bother much more in this post. Just remember we’ll stream from day 1! My self and others will start the broadcasting a few hours before Legion goes live this upcoming night between Monday and Tuesday (29-30/8-2016) (CET/Server time).

Once again, thanks Blizzard for Warlords. I know Legion will be better and maybe it might go into Top3? Current Top for myself would be: WotLK > TBC > Vanilla > (HUGE GAP) > WoD > MoP > Cata (Played Cata to little to say anything else)