Well what can you say, Kil’jaeden died on the first evening of attempts. Of course I’m talking about heroic. Mythic most likely going to be another story. 🙂
This evening were more eventful on the Fallen Avatar then Kil’jaeden. At least on the Avatar it were not only the Warlocks messing it up. 🙂 That might come up later in another kind of Media, right Valts? Either way, we’re looking for a few more members to fill some of the gaps we feel we’re having. So feel free to make an application even if I haven’t listed your class/role. We could perhaps consider you anyway. Soon time for Mythic progress, yey! We’re always trying to keep at least one stream up at all time while doing progress.

As you might understand, this post were mainly because of the Heroic clear. Less then 2 hours and he died. Not too easy as you still need to coordinate some and understand certain abilities in the fight. 18 wipes in total and 1 kill. Good job everyone.