Legion man is dead!

Congrats people, we finally Titanforged good and killed the boss himself, Mr. Legion man.

Would have been even better if we were to kill it the other week (2% wipe). But we finally did it and awesome work everyone! Even with all the nag and hate and love at the same time, we did it! What some people would have said, for the Klan. Valts the leader of the Klan couldn’t attend but his boys did good. Now we expect and hope for we can get some decent kills for the upcoming weeks also. I guess we have around 6-7 months for farm now, yey!

Shortly we’ll go down to 2 days a week raiding. We might also cut an hour (that will be later). But we will never stop raiding, we love Legion too much. Right Noakesy? Maybe in 20-25 weeks we might consider boosting and shit like that. We need to stack up gold again for next expansion.

Regarding Recruiting we still look for new people, we know some want to slack off a bit (even quit). This is the time to shine, if you want to be a part of Perfection and it’s history. Make an application through our simple form and we’ll get back to you.

Take care everyone and Good job everyone for this kill!