haven’t made any news related post for the last couple of weeks (months…).

Simple reason, haven’t had much to give you and the time haven’t been there on my side. Too much to deal with, too much to do in-game and outside. But seriously Blizzard, this were in a way the most hardcore expansion so far. At least when it comes to the effort you have to put in to be able to compete. I’m not specific talking about the raiding content being too hard. But for real, when top guilds has to do 7-10 split runs Week#1 of raiding. Is that how Blizzard thought about “Yes that’s the top of the raiders should be”. Or were it actually more about making the encounters harder/complex. I hope and wish Blizzard won’t turn Nighthold being a silly content patch in January. If that will be a simple raid content I’m unsure where Blizzard is going with this.

But hey! Let’s talk about the positive things, I DO ENJOY THIS EXPANSION. It’s working for me, the consuming part could be better as it demands more profession time, questing time (both for rep, items, legendary and so on). But they created a very expensive way yo achieve potions and such. Today they released the BoS vendor. Price will fall, and perhaps today you can afford a rank3 proc on professions. Time will tell. I believe we’ll have a moment for 1-2 weeks now after that it will be increased and raiding will consume a lot once again.

Small upgrade on our PVE progress, we’re doing as we ended Legion. We’re top 10 on the realm, we’re top 400 world wide. It’s OK. We for sure could have done it better, but I believe as we’re getting the group more and more together. Nighthold will be the True challenge for everyone. Method might use their excuse as “Nighthold is the true challange”. But I also believe it is, clearing 7/7 on the highest level should not be possible within 24 hours after release. Exorsus should have many congrats.

We do look for 1 healer to our guild/progress team. #holypala . Feel free to apply if you have the time and experience as we’re looking for!