Long time ago… but now… LEGION

Alright, the onset of annoyances amongst the guild members has become apparent as a result of insufficient ‘story line’ installments over the past months.

We killed off Kil’jaeden a couple of times before we had this new amazing content, Antorus.

So how has it been going for our progress in Antorus?

We did clear Heroic twice with groups filled with Mains, Alts and Socials. Too easy? I guess that will be a question that more and more people will ask them self and Blizzard.
Our first evening we did clear 3 bosses and really close to 4th. I would say we’re focusing on Eonar atm even if Portal keeper didn’t die, but most likely will die as soon as we get there again.

I believe I will stop writing now. I will keep the page a bit more up to date while we’re going through our Mythic progress now. 🙂