Finally the Legion woke up. And we with it! Yesterday we finish our boost run for our newly recruited Rogue and Demon Hunter + 2 rerolls that decided to roll Demon Hunter in Legion. They got themselves some gear for levelling in Legion. It went fairly smooth. Mannoroth is just off timers as the DPS is either sky-high or at the bottom. It died fairly quickly has to be said and after that we went to Archi and one-shotted it.

What I want to be said in this post is that:
We’re still here and running.
We will raid 3 days a week when they release Raiding content. Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday 19.00-23.00 CET (Server time).
We will have our off-raiding days on Wednesdays and on the weekend. Which won’t be mandatory, but for sure a lot of fun!
We’re a very big squad at this time being. With 32 potentially raiders. We will walk into this content very well prepared in that perspective. We will kill it with our own pace and we will for sure have a good finish in the upcoming content. The big question has to be Who will compete for the World First this time around? Will the new Method (former REM) on Tarren-Mill stand a chance versus Serenity on Twisting Nether… OR will we see a new guild on the World Stage? Time will tell.

This is probably not the best part of it all, we (Perfection) will make this community within our guild more for the outside. We will continue the “Perfection in a Nutshell” series. We expand (I hope) into running a POD cast with 2-4 of our members on weekly/monthly basis. Streaming, myself and others will do more streaming on and off raids more frequent. Please check the Stream page for all the current streamers. I will also see if I can make something better out with the current situation as homepage. If you have some talent for design, creating or an impossible offer to say no to… bring it up to the table and let me know. tag: jogwe#2500 or contact me through e-mail: and we’ll take it from there.

Now I will round it up and have a final vacation week before the summer is gone completely up here in the north. After that back to work and await the release of Legion. First time I won’t push through the first days of an expansion. Going to be… strange… very strange.

Take care.
Joakim aka. JogWe