Tomb of Sargeras now on Wednesday

Tomb of Sargeras
Just around the corner… Some things we decided compared to Nighthold and even EN. We will rotate people more often. We will keep on recruiting. We can’t stop recruiting, clearly some of the people we’re recruiting is not having the same mindset as the major part of this guild has. We want long term people ofc, but if you eager for more. It’s not very hard to find another guild that raid a bit more which result in having better World ranks or perhaps had a bit more research done compared to us. Now I might down talk our chances on how well we will do in ToS. But I honestly believe this raid will become much better then Nighthold, at least I will make sure we don’t lose people half through NH, or just before final boss or right after.

Now for the upcoming 2 weeks of raiding we’ll add our Wednesday raid as an important day, we won’t make it into a mandatory raiding day as we will stick to the 3 days (Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday). But the Wednesday as we all know will be important for nm/heroic runs. We will quickly see who’s up for the taks and not. We will replace people, in other words we will recruit people. Even if our recruitment is NOT OPEN we will keep track of the applications being made. We will contact you when we see you could fill a spot (could even be happening on the day you apply). This way we believe we can push our current raiders more into what’s needed to be done within the raids.

Now back to playing Legion.