Video clips from playlist #Perfection-TarrenMill
(Bellow you will find direct links to the videos for different classes) 

PVE Content Other, fun stuff!
Antorus Mythic – Argus (PoV Demon Hunter Death-Knight Tank Moonkin Shadowpriest)
Antorus Mythic – Aggramar (PoV Moonkin)
Antorus Mythic – Coven of Shivarra (PoV Moonkin)
Antorus Mythic – Varimathras (PoV Moonkin)
Antorus Mythic – Kin’garoth (PoV Moonkin)
Antorus Mythic – Imonar the Soulhunter (PoV )
Antorus Mythic – Eonar (PoV )
Antorus Mythic – Portal Keeper Hasabel (PoV )
Antorus Mythic – Antoran High Command (PoV )
Antorus Mythic – Felhounds of Sargeras (PoV )
Antorus Mythic – Garothi Worldbreaker (PoV )

ToS Mythic Kil’jaeden (PoV Death-Knight Moonkin Rogue)
ToS Mythic Fallen Avatar
ToS Mythic Maiden of Vigilance (PoV Demon Hunter)
ToS Mythic The Desolate Host (PoV Demon Hunter)
ToS Mythic Mistress Sassz’ine (PoV Hunter)
ToS Mythic Sisters of the Moon (PoV Demon Hunter Mage)
ToS Mythic Harjatan (PoV Mage)
ToS Mythic Demonic Inquisition (PoV Shadowpriest)
ToS Mythic Goroth (PoV Mage)
ToS Heroic Kil’jaedenNH Mythic Gul’dan (PoV Demon Hunter Mage+Shaman)

NH Mythic Grand Magistrix Elisande (PoV Demon Hunter)
NH Mythic Star Augur Etraeus (PoV Demon Hunter)
NH Mythic High Botanist Tel’arn (PoV Demon Hunter)
NH Mythic Krosus (PoV Mage)
NH Mythic Tichondrius (PoV Mage)
NH Mythic Spellblade Aluriel (PoV Demon Hunter)
NH Mythic Trilliax (PoV )
NH Mythic Chronomatic Anomaly (PoV )
NH Mythic Skropyron (PoV )
NH HC Gul’dan (PoV )ToV Mythic Helya (PoV Mage)

ToV Mythic Guarm (PoV )
ToV Mythic Odyn (PoV )EN Mythic Xavius (PoV Mage)

EN Mythic Cenarius (PoV Mage)
EN Mythic Dragon of Nightmare (PoV Demon Hunter)
EN Mythic Ursoc (PoV Mage)
EN Mythic Elerethe Renferal (PoV )
EN Mythic Il’gynoth, Heart of Corruption (PoV Mage Demon Hunter)
EN Mythic Nythendra (PoV Mage)

Warlords of Draenor
HFC Mythic – Archimonde (PoV Rogue Paladin Holy Hunter)
HFC Mythic – Mannoroth (PoV Mage)
HFC Mythic – Xhul’horac (PoV Rogue)
HFC Mythic – Fel Lord Zakuun (PoV Mage)
HFC Mythic – Tyrant Velhari (PoV Rogue)
HFC Mythic – Socrethar the Eternal (PoV Mage)
HFC Mythic – Shadow-Lord Iskar (PoV Rogue)
HFC Mythic – Gorefiend (PoV Mage Rogue)
HFC Mythic – Kilrogg Deadeye (PoV Mage)
HFC Mythic – Hellfire High Council (PoV Rogue)
HFC Mythic – Kormrok (PoV Rogue Paladin Holy)
HFC Mythic – Iron Reaver (PoV Paladin Holy)
HFC Mythic – Hellfire Assault (PoV Rogue)
HFC Heroic – Archimonde (PoV Paladin Holy)

BRF Mythic – Blackhand (PoV Rogue Mage)
BRF Mythic – Blast Furnace (PoV: Rogue Paladin Holy)
BRF Mythic – Iron Maidens (PoV: Rogue)
BRF Mythic – Operator Thogar (PoV: Mage Warrior Prot)
BRF Mythic – Kromog (PoV: Mage Rogue)
BRF Mythic – Flamebender Ka’graz (PoV: Rogue)
BRF Mythic – Hans’gar & Franzok (PoV: Rogue Warrior Fury Warrior Prot)
BRF Mythic – Gruul (PoV: Rogue)
BRF Mythic – Oregorger (PoV: Rogue)
BRF Mythic – Beastlord Darmac (PoV: Rogue)
BRF Heroic – Blackhand (PoV: Rogue)

HM Mythic – Imperator (PoV: Paladin Holy)

Mists of Pandaria
SoO Heroic(25) – Thok (PoV: Monk)
SoO Heroic(10) – Malkorok (PoV: Paladin)
SoO Heroic(10) – Dark Shamans (PoV: Paladin)
SoO Heroic(10) – Iron Juggernaut (PoV: Paladin)


Blackwing Lair – Chromaggus (PoV Rogue, coming soon)
Blackwing Lair – Firemaw (PoV Rogue)

Perfection in a Nutshell
Season 02
Ep 3 – Shapes and colors
Ep 2 Valts: Moon is safe
Episode 1

Season 01
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9 

Pasch & Brain-doo
Latvian Cheeseburger store
Mannoroth Mythic Pro Tactic
Pasch the Holy Paladin
Elmars the Moonkin
Paschtown 1/2
Paschtown 2/2
Bloop in action